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Apr 3, 2006
Invisible Hand Networks Launches IP Bandwidth Exchange Service at Switch and Data New York 111 8th Avenue and 60 Hudson Data Centers
New York, NY (April 4th, 2006) – Joining together the most advanced IP bandwidth exchange technology with the leading peering, interconnection, and colocation provider in New York City, Invisible Hand Networks, Inc. (IHN) announced today the launch of a real-time IP bandwidth exchange service at Switch and Data’s 111 8th Avenue and 60 Hudson data centers.

IHN operates a real-time IP bandwidth exchange based on the company’s proprietary software platform Merkato. Merkato dynamically prices and provisions IP bandwidth in real-time, creating market-based bandwidth-on-demand services. Using game theory, agent technology, and patented market mechanisms Merkato automates price discovery and negotiation for trading bandwidth in real-time.

In the metro New York area, IHN has been operating the Merkato Liquid Bandwidth Exchange (LBX) for more than four years. Extending the LBX to Switch and Data’s marketplace enables Switch and Data customers to buy from and/or sell to any of the over 100 participants currently on the LBX. The LBX will reside on Switch and Data’s PAIX platform to ensure optimum performance and scalability. Buying bandwidth-on-demand in real-time allows buyers to benefit significantly by minimizing underutilized bandwidth and reducing costs. Sellers are provided with a unique vehicle for offering bandwidth in real-time while virtually eliminating the cost of sales.

“We are very excited to partner with Switch and Data, a pioneer and leader in the peering, interconnection and colocation businesses,” said Nemo Semret, founder of IHN. “With this relationship, the LBX reaches the next level in market participation and liquidity, which will increase the benefit of the exchange for both current and future participants and partners.”

Mighty Smart Technologies, a leader in delivering high availability web-based applications, is a buyer on the LBX at 111 8th Avenue in New York. Larry Strange, CEO of Mighty Smart, stated, “The introduction of IHN’s real-time IP bandwidth exchange at Switch and Data has allowed me to expand my business into new facilities while minimizing the risk to do so and allowing for intelligent future growth. For me, it is a case where the combined service offerings have evolved to meet the demands placed on Mighty Smart by my own customers.”

IHN’s real-time IP bandwidth exchange service is a strong complementary offering to Switch and Data’s colocation and PAIX peering services.

“Our marketplaces enable our customers to transact business with each other,” states Ernie Sampera, CMO at Switch and Data. “The addition of IHN’s Liquid Bandwidth Exchange introduces another option for our customers to efficiently exchange bandwidth with other networks – choice is vital to a vibrant marketplace.”

About Switch and Data
Based in Tampa, Florida, Switch and Data operates the largest footprint of neutral Internet exchange and colocation facilities in North America with 34 data centers in 23 markets serving more than 800 customers. Switch and Data’s PAIX is recognized worldwide as the premier name in peering and Internet exchange services and is home to the largest commercial exchange point in North America. For more information, please visit http://www.switchanddata.com.

About Invisible Hand Networks, Inc.
Founded in 1998, Invisible Hand Networks (IHN) is changing the way bandwidth is bought and sold. IHN’s innovative software platform, Merkato, dynamically prices and provisions bandwidth in real-time, creating market-based bandwidth-on-demand services. IHN is based in New York, NY. For more information, please visit http://www.invisiblehand.net.

Company contact:
Justin Biegel
Invisible Hand Networks, Inc.
Director of Business Development
(212) 400-7416 x606