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Jan 3, 2004
PPVNetworks launches secure video hosting solution in partnership with Invisible Hand Networks, leveraging RealNetworks DRM
INTERNEXT, Las Vegas (January 3, 2004) -- “If you are not actively protecting your video assets online, you are setting yourself up for disaster.” With the recent advent of broadband, P2P filesharing networks and very recently, stream slurping software like Net Transport, content theft is propagating at an alarming rate. Within 12 months this will be a major threat to unprotected purveyors of adult movie content.

PPVNetworks currently hosts hundreds of adult theatres for leading studios, and is implementing this technology across its network. However, PPVNetworks is now extending its services to offer just the full-service secure video hosting to larger studios in need of this crucial component. Developing such an infrastructure could cost upwards of several hundred thousand dollars. These studios can now outsource secure, reliable, extensible video hosting offering a wealth of features, including the highest video quality currently available, video-on-demand streaming, smart playback functionality that detects player and speed, and interactive features, like on-screen menus for instant scene changes.

To provide a high-quality delivery network, PPVNetworks has partnered with Invisible Hand Networks, Inc. InvisibleHand’s real-time bandwidth market offers purchase models ideal for video transmission, giving buyers the flexibility of bandwidth on demand combined with the quality and reliability of a multiple network provider marketplace. InvisibleHand uses it's Merkato software platform to reduce bandwidth costs and maximize quality of service.

To protect the video streams from illegal use, PPVNetworks partnered with RealNetworks to implement RN’s Helix Digital Rights Management. Helix DRM is a comprehensive platform for secure media content delivery.

About PPVNetworks
PPVNetworks provides Pay-Per-View Theatres for studios and webmasters, Affiliate Programs, Paysite Content, DRM Streaming Hosting, DVoD moviedisc solutions, and Digital Rights Management implementation consulting. PPVNetworks is based in New York, NY. For more information, visit www.ppvnetworks.com. Company Contact: Damian Todaro, 800-661-4269 x88, damian@ppvnetworks.com .

About RealNetworks
RealNetworks is the recognized leader and pioneer in Internet media delivery solutions and services, including secure, DVD-quality broadband video, the leading PC-based media player, Helix media servers and Helix Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology. RealNetworks is based in Seattle, WA. For more information, please visit www.realnetworks.com.

About Invisible Hand Networks, Inc.
InvisibleHand is changing the way bandwidth is bought and sold. InvisibleHand’s innovative software platform, Merkato, enables customers to dynamically price and allocate bandwidth, creating true “bandwidth-on-demand” services. For more information, visit www.invisiblehand.net.
Company contact:
Andrew Dougherty,