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Management Team

Management Team

Nemo Semret, President

Nemo is responsible for the business and technology strategy of the company, and leads its execution.

Nemo has been in the telecommunications industry for a decade. Prior to co-founding Invisible Hand Networks, he worked at Bellcore (Telcordia Technologies), Bell Laboratories (Lucent Technologies), INRS-Telecom, Intelsat, and served as a consultant to the United Nations on data networking. His theoretical work on spot and derivative market mechanisms for networked resources led to filing several patents on related algorithms, protocols and systems. His pioneering use of Java for distributed systems appears in 2 books and CDROMs. Nemo has published numerous scientific papers and presents at academic and trade conferences.

Nemo obtained his Ph.D. at Columbia University, where he won the Eliah I. Jury Award for his dissertation.  He received his MEng in Electrical Engineering and a BEng with Honors in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics, both from McGill University.

John Cahill, Vice-President of Sales

Cahill leads software and service sales and business development efforts company-wide. Prior to this role, as Vice President of Business Development for Invisible Hand Services (a.k.a. StreamingHand), he was responsible for the development and ongoing success of a data hosting and content delivery service business built on the foundation of Invisible Hand's Merkato technology.

Cahill has more than 10 years of technology sales, marketing and general management experience. Prior to joining Invisible Hand, Cahill served as Regional Sales Director for Sandpiper Networks, a leader in content and edge delivery networks. In addition, he was a founding member of the northeast's largest Internet access provider. "TIAC" which ultimately serviced over 75,000 customers in 9 states. Serving as Vice President of Sales for this company over a five-year period, he was responsible for the development and implementation of a sales strategy and resultant infrastructure for company's product line of high-speed Internet access services. He has also worked to introduce such IP based communications services as BLEC services, web based EDI solutions and Point of Purchase information technologies.

Cahill holds a BA from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

Joe Prosser, Vice-President of Operations

Joe defines strategy for service implementation and customer relationship management. His Internet Service Provider background helps Invisible Hand provide superior customer service in its ISP capacity as well as with support for ISPs that license Merkato.

Joe has been building network operations and customer service organizations for over a decade. Prior to joining Invisible Hand Networks, he was Director of Operations for Genuity's managed firewall service. Joe also implemented Genuity's "Net.Alliance" partnership program which enhanced operational coordination between Genuity and its international partners.

Joe holds a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts and a Graduate Certificate in Information Resource Management from Northeastern University.

Giovanna Giammarino, Chief Application Architect

Giovanna, co-founder of Invisible Hand Networks, is responsible for the development, maintenance and support of the proprietary software at the core of the Merkato platform.

Previously she worked as a software architect of digital video editing systems for Montage Inc. (acquired by Pinnacle). At Montage she worked in newsroom automation, user interfaces, multi-channel broadcasting, facilities control and system monitoring. Her most recent project was a distributed real time video editing system for Measat, a multi-channel digital video broadcast system in Malaysia. Prior to Montage, she developed software for interactive multimedia games at Mpen Inc., and also for a biomedical signal processing research project at Cyberlogic, Inc.

Giovanna received her MS in Computer Science specializing in Cryptography from Columbia University and her laurea in Computer Science from University of Salerno, Italy.

Fady Habra, Chief Systems Architect

Fady leads the development, maintenance and support of the systems software that frames the Merkato platform.

Fady brings years of experience in systems software development. Prior to joining Invisible Hand Networks, he worked at Hutchison Avenue Software Corporation (acquired by Intuit), where he designed and developed custom applications for clients such as Intuit and Bell Canada. Previously, at Bell Northern Research Ltd., he developed telecommunication infrastructure software for Consumer Speech Services and for the AccessNode service provisioning element. Prior to BNR, Fady worked as a digital signal processing software developer at Thought Technology Ltd.

Fady holds a BSc in Computer Science (Honours) and a BEng in Electrical Engineering, both from McGill University.

Justin Biegel, Director of Business Development

Justin Biegel is the Director of Business Development at Invisible Hand Networks, and leads sales, business development, and product management for the company's Liquid Bandwidth Exchange (LBX) service and software licensing. Justin joined the company as an Account Executive in March of 2005, and was appointed Director of Business Development in the summer of 2005.

In addition to working as the Director of Business Development, Justin is studying economics at the University of Maryland and researching the IP bandwidth market and telecommunications policy at the Center for Electronic Markets and Enterprises at the Robert H. Smith School of Business.

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